When I thought that it would be easy to make it on the top for this auditions, I was very wrong. Getting tripped perhaps was one of the most shameful thing that happens to me on stage. Even more, it did not only ruin my audition piece, but at the same time, it also feels as if I was discouraged so much at that time, I no longer wanted to continue dancing.

However, I have been so motivated to achieve everything that I have worked for and I couldn’t simply say goodbye to this chance. This audition was by far the most important auditions for me and I couldn’t lose any chance.

I have been so motivated that I would not lose myself from just getting tripped that’s because I still look forward for wearing the best burlesque costumes, and I still look forward for all the cheers and the applause and I simply can’t lose on this one. These are the type of thoughts that got me back on my feet. I was very then back into my feet like nothing happened.

So, back with my best burlesque costumes and with my best dancing smile; I was back on track. I could then see all enlightened faces on the crowd and I couldn’t get even more inspired. From the crowd, I can now see my Aunt with her face so proud, and the judges clapping their hands.

As I continue my performance, I can only feel more than proud and I could see how wonderful the audience felt too. I could now foresee a wonderful burlesque career, with the best burlesque costumes in town! I couldn’t wait for the end results. I know I could make it on the top.