And so the second auditions for my burlesque career happened when the school had to make sure the top 15 dancers were ready to perform on one of the best and one of its kind gathering of burlesque dancers of the whole Australia with the best burlesque costumes.

Despite being the top dancer on the 6th grade and on the dance company during that time, I was not even exempted on the auditions.

The top 15 dancers will be chosen among the 55 members of the dance company. They will be choosing 5 boys and 10 girls to take part on one of the biggest burlesque performance to happen across Australia. And given the different dancing background we all have, it will be a big challenge to stand out with my burlesque costumes.

I knew I was a crowd favorite not only because I was on the top of the results from the auditions held; but also because I am a top performer on my own right.

And so, I made the cut of the final 15 and again, performed the same piece to be judged on whose going to handle the top role and position on the play and who will wear the most elaborate burlesque costumes.

Everyone was very excited to know what part they will be playing and so was I. No one in the dance company knew what we will be performing and that only the judges knew what are they judging us about.

And so, All I did was to be myself and own the stage and performed at my best. To everyone’s surprise, I tripped. I tripped on the middle of my performance and was not even able to get up right away. It got me really worried and anxious at the same time that I tripped on stage.