I have been thinking about the beat burlesque costumes to suit Nina and Jennifer and I have come up with major ideas that will get you and me so excited. Even more, when these young stars hear about the thought of having burlesque costumes designed according to their personality and projection, I am sure they will be excited too.

Talking about the young stars, Nina's appearance to the popular The Vampire Dairies also commonly known as TVD sure made a debut to her career. If you have been a follower of this series, then you will know more about Nina's role in TVD.

Playing the role as Elena Gilberts, the sweet and caring sister and a lovable friend, Nina did a great job in portraying this role. Not to mention, she also is the apple of the eye of everybody in the said series.

With this lovable and loving character of Nina in TVD, I have come up with burlesque costumes that match her aura and her character. For Nina and Elena I think it would be awesome to see her in a matching corset with rumba shorts in the bright hues of sky blue.

I have imagined her to be her own character as Elena with a matching corset and rumba shorts for her burlesque costumes since she had always been everyone's apple of the eye and that her burlesque costumes must match the color of the sky because she is seen by everyone all the time.

Not to mention, I have for her matching rumba shorts for her burlesque costumes since her character in TVD has always been on the go and a bit sporty type too.

I think that sky blue with matching white accents on the corset bones and rumba shorts ruffles is a great addition too.