If there is one pop artist I love the most besides her songs and talents, it would be no one else but Beyonce. And what I love the most about her is, - yes, you got it right, it her burlesque inspired costumes!

Of all the performances I have seen that of Beyonce, either on TV, live and even on the pictures and magazines, I can say that she have nailed her burlesque costumes even from the start.

I love how she shows off her curves in every costume she wears on stage, whether for a concert, a guest show and even on awards night. I can still recall one of her performances back then when I was still in High school and I was lucky enough to get complimentary tickets for her show. My ticket even included backstage passes and it all was a great night to remember.

Beyonce wore a costume inspired by burlesque costumes and was all in gold, with different colors of gem stones aside. It was as if, her color and the color of her hair matched the outfit so well that you would say she sparkles up close, or even from afar.

Now I wonder if the unique combination of gold and different colored gems would be a real perfect match for a blonde girl like

me. I would want to wear that very costume on stage though, but my mother and other production staffs told me that it would be a little inappropriate for my character.

Still, I would love to see myself wear one, and if I could, I would have bought that very same burlesque costume Beyonce wore if ever it was auctioned.