As promised, there is more to come of burlesque costumes for Nina Dobrev and her The Vampire Diaries characters. Since we have already talked about her most popular characters in the series, including Elena and Katherine, we are still about to tackle another TVD character that has equal beauty and class – that is Amara.

Another character played by Nina Dobrev is the character named Amara. Amara is also known as Silas' lover and is at the same time, also a doppelganger of Elena too.

Since they are known to be vampires and witches in the series, they are known to have lived more than a hundred and even thousands of years. I could still recall one episode where the characters went back in time and it featured girls in burlesque costumes, and men dressed up in classy tuxedos.

And what could be more exciting than getting into the different evolution of fashion and living during the burlesque era and seeing all the glamour and style of burlesque costumes? It could have been totally different to have lived in the same period of time and be surrounded by dancers in burlesque costumes.

Going back to another set of costumes for Nina, it's really complicated to talk about the three different characters and to those who have not yet seen the series, Amara was talked about all over the whole series but Nina appeared as Amara for only about three to four episodes.

Now this is not much for all the attention she is getting I think. Yet this time, her burlesque costumes would capture attention, more than anything else.

Watch out for a set of burlesque costumes that stand out.