A few minutes from now, my plane will be arriving in Las Vegas; and this will be one of the best vacations I will ever have. I dream of all the tall buildings, the lavish lifestyle, a pool of entertainment and of course, the extravagant burlesque shows and burlesque costumes scene.

At least I plan to experience a little taste of it in my two month vacation. I think that two months would be enough for me to get to know the rest of the family residing in Las Vegas; and get to experience Las Vegas like what they all say.

Oh! I am chatting with my cousin right now over the internet and I don’t know what has gotten into her. My cousin’s name is Shawn by the way. She is the eldest daughter of Aunty Lucy and is just about my age. Next to her is Mike, and the youngest is the cute and cuddly Jerome. Why did I say that my cousin was out of her mind?

She told me that the family is planning to welcome me in the airport with some burlesque inspiration. I don’t really expect them to wear burlesque costumes! I asked Shawn if she was serious and she told me to keep silent about it because Aunt Lucy was hoping it would be a surprise.

I told Shawn, you guys wouldn’t be wearing burlesque costumes, would you? And guess what she told me back. “You will see how we will strut the airport with burlesque costumes!”

She is definitely not serious, I said to myself.

And so, just a few hours more and I will be on Las Vegas but my thoughts are still back home. I guess I’m starting to miss my mother.