It was not easy always having my mother around at first. Sure, I would like to have her during the main performance and I would love to have her taking pictures of me while I dance with my burlesque costumes on stage. However, having her every time? Having her every day during practice was not an easy task for me.

At first, I thought to myself that she was even making things even more complicated since I had to deal with her every once in a while. At first, I thought everything felt so crowded and everywhere I go, I felt suffocated while having her around. It was not easy to cope up with everything since I never really had the chance to concentrate into my dancing since I was worried what my own Mother would say.

I thought to myself that if I will not be able to get my steps right and put on my burlesque costumes at the right cue; she would be always there to scold me and tell me what I should do. And more than anything else, these types of thoughts bothered me.

Not until I was performing at my best and all smiles with my best burlesque costumes and I got disappointed since it did not fall into the standards of the director. It was my Mother, yes, my personal assistant who was there to pick me up and who was there to cheer me up after the disaster.

Yes, it was a disaster for me and all other dancers since we had to start all over again with the steps and the cues of changing our burlesque costumes. However, it was my Mother who knew and understood everything that I am going through.

And she was definitely there for me. I thank God for having her.