So you think we are done with Elena and her burlesque costumes? Not just yet.

If you have been watching the TVD Series which just had the season finale for Season 5, then you wouldn't be surprised to know that Nina Dobrev has actually played several roles. These different roles are but not limited to, Katherine, the wicked doppelganger of Elena and the Anchor coming from the past, who is Silas' lover, Amara.

So how about actually conceptualizing three different burlesque costumes for her alone? That is a total of three different burlesque costumes that are different from another, representing three different characters that Nina played.

I am sure that if ever she hears a word about these three different burlesque costumes representing her three different character from TVD, she would definitely love to wear them!

How I wish this could materialize too. I am so in love with the idea of making my own burlesque costumes and it will be my pleasure to make one for the stars that I love too.

Since we are done with the loving and lovable character of Elena Gilberts, we won't stop just there because, we still have two different characters of Nina to conceptualize an all new burlesque costumes.

This time, we still start with Katherine, also known as Katarina on TVD, and the evil doppelganger of Elena.

Since it was Katherine who turned Damon and Stefan as Vampires, it would be easy to imagine what type of burlesque costumes would suit her best.

Knowing that it all started during the Victorian Era; a Victorian inspired one piece corset burlesque costumes in black and red is definitely perfect.