There are a dozen and even hundreds and thousands of burlesque costumes today. You can find a wide selection on specialty stores and you can also site hundreds from burlesque stage acts.

Even more, there are also burlesque costumes inspired outfits that are seen on the runway. With all these available for us, and the public; what are the real burlesque costumes that stands out?

For Amara played by Nina Dobrev on the Hit Series Vampire Diaries, a set of burlesque costumes that stands out would be a white and silver combination of burlesque costumes.

White, being the color that does not have any contradictions, and silver, giving that metallic shine without contradictions too. The color white is the presence of all colors they say, and what could be more attractive than that? The metallic color silver also shows off a modern feel and will add more sparkling beauty to white, compared to any other colors.

I simply can't wait to add more accessories for this ser of burlesque costumes! What do you think would fit the most for these types of burlesque costumes? For Amara, it would be perfect to have white and silver costumes in tube cut and a matching rumba shorts that comes along with matching colors and accents.

I think it will be nice to add on a little bit of a conservative taste for her because her character was never really revealed in the series and I would like to keep her as that. The charming and beautiful, yet at the same time conservative and we-reserved Amara.

Another post will be discussed to add more glamour in these set of burlesque costumes and for Amara!