Talking about Amara and her mysterious character on The Vampire Diaries; is my choice of mysterious color, yellow. As others may have loved the thought of it, I think it may be a bit intriguing to post about more about these set of yellow burlesque costumes.

It will be my honor to tell you more about how I want this burlesque costume to come out, especially that I have a long list of burlesque costumes I have came up with, for my favorite stars.

And this time, this one is the last set of burlesque costumes for my beloved Nina Dobrev. This may be the last but it doesn’t mean it’s the least. And so, when other set of burlesque costumes for Nina come in handy accessories like stockings, top hat and even some Victorian Inspired umbrella, this one will be accented with a matching yellow feather for a headdress.

Can you imagine how wonderful would it be to stand on stage with yellow fringes and yellow feathers? It would be one of the best burlesque costumes one could dance with. A matching black pair of stilettos will complete this look too.

Now these set of burlesque costumes is not just for Katherine or maybe Elena, but this is especially designed and conceptualized for Amara.

I couldn’t get more excited if only Nina could wear all three burlesque costumes and come out the stage wearing three different personalities just like in the series and wear these three different burlesque costumes too.

For a fan and an amateur designer like me, and dancer at the same time, there is nothing more like it than to see your creations, especially these burlesque costumes.