With men dominating the third act of the burlesque show, I couldn’t help but notice the one with gorgeous looks and slender moves. My favorite among the male dancers was the one wearing the combination on purple and pink burlesque costumes. Not that these are actually my favorite burlesque costumes colors, but because he looked so confident and dashing while dancing.

The whole act was a combination of drum rolls, saxophone and more of burlesque dancing. It was amazing to see how these men carried out their burlesque costumes in a manly way that you would even say it made them look even more masculine that way.

My cousin’s favorite among the male dancers is the one on yellow and sparkly burlesque costumes. My cousin tells me that she has always been attracted to men that can play musical instruments and this guy played the saxophone with style.

I have always adored men who can dance and seeing these guys on stage made a total turn on.

How I wish we could hold special auditions all for male dancers back at school. I would love to mimic the same act and require the guys to actually learned how to strike the drums and play the saxophone. However, I know it will be a really tough challenge. Once you have them on the group, the next step will be to teach them how to dance burlesque and convince them to wear colorful burlesque costumes on stage.

Truly, I admire all the male dancers on this third act. Although as I have mentioned earlier, the one wearing the combination of purple and pink set of burlesque costumes is my favorite.

I would also love to meet him back stage and take a picture with him!