Of all the available burlesque costumes, burlesque costumes' accessories are even double in number! What do I mean when I say double? One set of burlesque costumes cannot simply go with a one single accessory. Don't you agree? It would be tough not to add on burlesque costumes' accessories, don't you think?

What I mean is that a nice pair of burlesque hand gloves can certainly go along with a nice pair of long stockings. Even more, it would be nicer to have matching colors for the both nice accessories.

Even adding more glamour to every bit of burlesque costumes is the matching accessories like for example, a cane with glitters can go along with a feathered head dress and you couldn't deny how amazing they could go along.

That is why, even if there are a thousand available burlesque costumes, accessories of many kind for burlesque costumes come even in double!

For the last set of burlesque costumes, and the matching set of accessories that will match it; I am very excited to have every bit and every detail of burlesque costumes' accessories match this one.

This would be the last and final set of burlesque costumes I will have for Nina Dobrev; and I want it to be remembered more than anything else.

Also, I have not seen anything like this for my burlesque costumes' accessories. I think I have a lot of things to discuss for the accessories!